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Truck Transportation


RTT offers transportation and logistic services within all Europe. 



Transportation to Scandinavia like Sweden, Iceland, Dennmark, Finland and Norway during winter time

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TIR Transport


RIMALE Trade Transport has been set up in Liberec in 2014. Due to increse of demand and satisfied customers, we are now reliable transportating company in Liberec district. Our motto is: delivering of parcel for the most convenient price.                                   

"Deliver your parcel thanks to the most effective solution" 


Our main business is to prove transportation services on both national and international level.

We are able to transport your goods within all European countries, provided by our own trucks or by our contract holders. Our services include both "Just-in-time" or express deliveries.   


"Save your time & money" 


Your inquiry is priced immediately. Our prices are economicaly convenient as are based on current possibilities what saves your costs. 


Give us the call at whatever time is needed, we operate 24/7. We will find the solution how to transport the goods at the shortest time as possible.